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Have you ever heard the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

At Granite Insurance we take the above statement to heart when we help our clients manage their risk and insurance costs.

Does your current risk management and insurance program offer you the guidance to prevent large insurance claims or do they just help you report the claims you have and offer counsel after the claims have happened? At Granite Insurance we take a different approach, we actually offer the counsel to prevent large claims before they happen so that your insurance costs are kept to a minimum.

Worker’s Compensation
For Home Health Care, Home Care businesses and Social Service Organizations, worker’s compensation is the most costly and hardest coverage to find outside of your state’s Assigned Risk Plan. We have access to all of the insurance companies that will insure a home care or home health care business or social service organization for worker’s compensation through the standard insurance marketplace. More importantly, we provide our clients with several simple, easy to implement steps that are proven to help control your worker’s compensation costs.

General & Professional Liability
When it comes to general and professional liability for home care, home health care operations, and Social Service Organziations, there are many, many types of policies available. However, not all policies are equal. In fact, many General and Professional Liability policies on home care, home health care, and Social Service Organizations are from the Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance industry. We can offer these coverage lines on a standard basis with all of the necessary coverages and endorsements that your home care, home health care business or Social Service Organization needs. Many policies fail to address several risks that your organization is exposed to. We also make sure to follow our risk management model for General and Professional Liability issues as well.

Excess or Umbrella Liability
All organizations need Excess or Umbrella Liability. When it comes to home care, home health care, and social service organizations many times the umbrella policy is unavailable or does not cover over the other lines of coverage. We have access to carriers that make this possible so that your organization will have the excess liability coverage on top of all other lines of coverage. Also, we have the ability to provide high limits of coverage for this line because we don’t know how large the claim is going to be.

Property & Crime
All businesses have property insurance and risk management needs. The difference is how that risk management program and insurance is structured. We actually talk with you to determine what best suits you and your organization. Also, many programs fail to address the specific crime and or theft issues that home care, home health care and social service organizations face.

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